Gmund Colours

gmund colors

Gmund Colors – A System of 48 Colours

With eyes closed, the average person can imagine about 20 different colors.  A creative designer or visual artist can envision as many as 50. And a professional color expert can “see” approx 80 colors in their mind’s eye. After extensive research on colors and their perception, Gmund Paper discovered that 48 is the precise number of colors that most human beings can satisfactorily perceive and understand.

Two years of developmental work in Gmund’s creative laboratory. A collection was finally ready that was finely harmonized, comprehensive, intensive and excellently combinable.

Wigston Paper is honoured to be the exclusive UK distributor of this premium coloured paper system.

All relevant color groups are represented in the 48 hues of Gmund Colors. There are gradations for the most important colors: 9 different blues, 4 cold and 5 warm grey nuances, 7 greens, 5 colors in the brownish spectrum and a perfect red.

Alongside the look of the colors, this new system also takes into account potential applications for the papers. Blue leads the list of colors for corporate identity with a popularity of 70%, while brown and green stand for ecology and environmental protection. Warm tones appeal to customers’ hearts, and straightforward white is the preferred background for formal information.


Matt 50

Matt 99

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Matt 84

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