Natural Felt Marked Card


Our natural felt marked card, Fetta, is an incredibly stylish and effortlessly sophisticated textured card choice. Soft to the touch with a unique textured surface, Fetta is the perfect choice for the widest range of arts and crafts, publishing and communications projects.

Fetta – it’s more subtle than embossed card, with a felt mark that gives it an unmistakably unique texture. However, unlike embossed card, the texture is a natural result from the manufacturing process.

Superbly soft, Fetta’s felt mark is on both sides of the card. What’s more, it can even be expertly combined with other felt marks for maximum visual impact that’s supremely stunning.

Fetta is commonly used for wet techniques, such as watercolour. However, you can use this felt marked card in many different ways; for premium-looking collages and many other artistic creations, as well as publishing and wider communication projects.

Common uses: Wedding stationery, wet techniques, including watercolour painting, and wider art, publishing and communications projects.

Product features – at a glance:

  • More subtle finish than embossed card
  • Unique felt mark texture created during the manufacturing process
  • Double-sided felt marking
  • Combine the felt marking with other felt marks for a standout end result

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our Fetta natural felt marked card and how it can effortlessly inject understated, unmistakable beauty to your next project. Alternatively, click the button below for a quote from our sales team.

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720mm x 1020mm

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