5 Productivity Tools for Graphic Designers

February 25 2021

Productivity is an interesting thing. Being productive means doing more but it’s also about focusing on less. Less is more. More is less. It works both ways, yet it’s all too easy to get distracted and end up doing nothing much at all.

Graphic design is perhaps the best example of work prone to unproductivity. While the digital world tempts us with YouTube and social media, work very often gets interrupted by people emailing, phoning and needing help.

Everyone has their bottlenecks. The trick is to recognise what these bottlenecks are and work out solutions. Productivity tools can solve several problems you face, from focusing on tasks and minimising interruptions, to speeding up design processes and coding. We’ve tried plenty, so we have a few in mind to get you started.

Here’s our pick of the best productivity tools for graphic designers:

Beat distractions with Dewo

Dewo is an AI-powered productivity tool that tracks your web and desktop activity to learn what distracts you. It then sets up a deep work environment by automatically blocking notifications from nuisance apps and software with Do Not Disturb. Other features include intelligent meeting scheduling and active suggestions.

Track your daily activities with Toggl

Toggle is a time tracking app that tracks your daily activities across your digital work environment. It provides reports and detailed insights into your productivity so that you can optimise your workflow and identify where you are wasting time. It also has integrations for Chrome, Firefox, Android, iPhone, and desktop.

Review and proof easily with Filestage

Filestage is a powerful asset review tool used by graphic designers to organise, manage and proof content. It gives designers complete control over the review process, allowing clients and teams to collaborate on uploads. You can leave feedback at touchpoints on design work and create to-do lists for teams to ensure things get done.

Control your email inbox with Spark

Spark is an email client that prioritises email so that important messages sit at the top of your inbox. If you receive a lot of email, this will revolutionise your email by only showing messages from real people. It’s great for teams, allowing you to create email together and share and discuss emails within the Spark app.

Find the right paper with Wigston’s Paper Lookup Tool

Wigston Paper Lookup Tool

The Wigston Paper Lookup Tool finds the best paper for your print media project based on a brand logo or brand identity image. Upload your JPEG/JPG, GIF or PNG image to the tool and it will automatically find the right paper for you. The tool will use the hues in your file to select the best colours from three paper collections.

Getting the colours from your image and building your palette...