The 2020 Letterpress Calendar

January 13 2020

The 2020 Letterpress Calender - Mr Cup Studio / Wigston Paper / Foilco

Although calendars are informative and integral to planning, they don’t usually win an art contest. Calendars are conventionally simple, plain, practical pieces of paper with only one purpose, to tell the date. Or are they?  Behold the new look 2020 Letterpress calendar designed to fascinate and captivate you 365 days of the year.

The Mr. Cup creative manifesto letterpress calendar is the creative brainchild of Fabien Barral, aka Mr. Cup, meant to take drabness from your calendar.

A gifted French designer in his own right, Mr. Cup enlisted the creativity of 11 typographic designers to create masterpieces for each month. Cody Petts, Scotty Russell, and Nikki Mihalik are just a few among the designers conscripted to make this year’s edition of the letterpress calendar an unforgettable experience.

2020 Letterpress Calendar - January

The letterpress calendar comes in standard and deluxe editions that are sure to blow you away and keep you coming back to your calendar. The deluxe version is completely hot foiled on dark papers, while the standard version comes with the front cover hot foiled.

Each month has a unique piece of art that is beautiful, as it is uniquely different from the previous piece of art. The bold typography on each piece of art is sure to catch the attention of those who pay you a visit from afar.

2020 Letterpress Calender - In Production

The exceptionally eye-catching pieces of art are complemented by this year’s paper choice – Senses Paper.  Fabien used Senses Cream Taffeta, Driftwood Grey, Syrah Crimson, Dreadnought Silver, Hampton Pewter, Havana Cinnamon, and Sable Black to produce this world-class masterpiece.  The renowned foil supplier, Foilco supplied the foils for this project which have been used to great effect in previous collaborations with Senses Paper too.

In purchasing the 2020 letterpress calendar, not only will you enjoy the superior craftsmanship of Studio Pression, but the words of wisdom printed for every month are sure to inspire you and help you chart the path of excellence in all your endeavors, all year round.

To order your 2020 letterpress calendar, go to Mr. Cup’s online shop: To find out about Senses Paper, visit

Life is too short to allow the daily grind of making ends meet prevent you from enjoying the world around you. Enjoy a little of the beauty of art every day with the 2020 letterpress calendar.

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