Premium Paper: The Marketing Tool With Guaranteed ROI

April 18 2019

Once regarded as an aside to the actual contents, these days product packaging is every bit as as important as what’s inside the box. Perhaps even more so.

premium packaging and return on investment

The rise and rise of social media has seen the word ‘unboxing’ enter our vocabulary. A whole genre of entertainment based on people who film themselves taking products out of their packaging, with particular focus on unusual or luxurious boxes.

Of course, this whole culture has emerged because, in an increasingly crowded retail space. Brands need their packaging to bring something extra to the table.  Having the best product isn’t enough to get you picked off the shelf and increasingly, customers are seeking the kind of experience that only luxury packaging can provide.

The fact that they want to share these experiences online, often for free, in one of the most powerful marketing formats ever, makes investing in packaging a must for forward-thinking brands.

Of course, it’s not only luxury items that benefit.  You may have a very ubiquitous product, but with great packaging you can command a bigger share of the market or even sell your product at a higher value than other, similar items.  We recently heard a very interesting anecdote about one brand that used a box wrapped in luxury paper to transform a nondescript £1 pen into a covetable £15 writing instrument. Proof that when it comes to marketing, visual perception is everything.

the facts

And the research backs this theory up. A recent SmithersPira report found that 32% of consumers said that packaging brand and design is a very important or important part of their purchasing decision, while 58% said they would be put off buying a product in store if the packaging was damaged.

Meanwhile, with consumers increasingly focused on sustainability and governments seeking to eliminate plastic, paper and board look set to be the future for product packaging – and the possibilities are endless!

Paper’s versatility means even small brands on a tight budget can create something that looks and feels really special as well as ticking the eco-friendly box.  By spending a few pence more, you can achieve a really premium feel, bringing incredible texture and depth while benefiting from a never-ending array of colours to complement your branding.

From paper-wrapped folding boxboard to duplexed card hangtags and stunning printed cards, a suite of beautiful, quality paper elements has the potential to elevate any brand to the next level.  Combined with clever design and luxury finishing, paper can be used to create an inspiring experience that captures the imagination and loyalty – not to mention the organic online reach – of your customer.

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