Wigston Paper announced as sole UK stockist of the Gmund Colors System

February 6 2019

The team at Wigston Paper is excited to launch a new collaboration – having been announced as the sole UK stockist for the Gmund Colors System, produced by German papermakers Gmund Paper.

The Gmund Colors System is the first colour system for paper with a ‘Mix & Match’ guarantee: each of the 48 colours has been designed and produced so it can harmoniously combine with any of the other 47 colours, as the paper for every day and every project.

Gmund Colors is perfect for companies producing a range of materials who wish to improve their visual communication guided by a colour system, for example when creating corporate materials such as catalogues, annual reports and brochures, product packaging and hang tags, stationery and mailouts.

The system includes eight colour ranges, including clear, bright white and natural cream tones; a perfect gradation of grey tones; nude and “non”-tones that can strengthen moods; plenty of blue (because 70% of all companies work with blue in their corporate design); the one perfect red (Gmund Colors No. 92) among the warm shades; the purest yellow and other fruity colours; and a bright mint and a dark olive in the greens.

To find out more about the range, visit www.wigstonpaper.com/gmund-colors/

Rob Walker, director at Wigston Paper explained that the company was keen to take on the Gmund Colors System as its proven success in other countries such as Italy showed that it had great potential for the UK market.

He said: “As a premium paper system that’s already well known across the world, Gmund Colors is a great choice for design and print companies who want to compete in international markets as it offers both consistency and stand-out quality.”

Papers from Gmund Colors are suitable for all common printing techniques, including offset, digital printing, letterpress, silkscreen, blind embossing, hot-foil embossing, paper etching and die cutting. They are available in five different surfaces: matt, felt, metallic and transparent. As each finish has the same colour profile, this offers designers new ways to play with colours and surfaces.

To develop this new colour system, the team at Gmund Paper analysed how colours are chosen by designers across a range of industries and worked to create a brand new system that offers a more simplistic and less confusing choice of colours that work together, which makes it easier for designers to use to truly harness the power of colour.

The Gmund Paper sales team felt an affinity with Wigston Paper as both companies are oriented towards bringing creative innovation into the markets.

They said: “We’re excited to be working together to establish Gmund Colors as an easy to use standard for colour applications. This will enable global companies to use the same colours of paper in any market, as Gmund Colors is already available on all other continents. By promoting Gmund Colors in the UK market, we can help deliver a marketing boost for design-driven global brands.”

To find out more about the range, visit www.wigstonpaper.com/gmund-colors/

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