Quality of Senses Paper is ‘spelled out’ in the Paper Artist Collective’s stunning paper art alphabet challenge

January 28 2019

The stunning colours and versatility of Wigston Paper’s Senses® range have been ‘spelled out’ by artists around the world, in a paper art challenge run by the Paper Artist Collective.

The collaboration– sponsored by Wigston Paper – challenged 26 artists from 12 countries to create an alphabet letter using three designated colours from the Senses range of papers.

#PACAlphabet was the brainchild of artist Samantha Quinn, a freelance designer who was introduced to the new Senses range through work. She was delighted to agree to a collaboration through the Paper Artist Collective, so that like-minded artists could also have a chance to try out the new paper.

Samantha, who joint leads the collective, said: “None of the artists knew what letter or colours they had been allocated until they arrived in the post which made the challenge even more exciting.

“Our members love any excuse to try out new materials and have really enjoyed using the paper to craft their letters. Senses create the most beautiful smooth and vibrant papers in a broad range of weights and colours.”

Feedback from the artists who took part included:

  • “The paper was beautiful to work with. The smooth surface was great to draw on and then to cut it was clean and strong, even with some finer details and I’m sure it would hold up to even finer work. Some paper can be fibrous and doesn’t give a clean edge but the Senses papers definitely cut smoothly without any fluffy bits. The colours are vibrant and I would be very interested to see the rest of the collection in real life based on these three colours alone I will definitely be adding them to my suppliers list.”
  • “The Senses paper was very smooth and a pleasure to cut. I was really impressed with the richness of colour in the papers.”
  • “I enjoyed working with Senses paper very much! Looking forward to using different colours in future projects.”

Rob Walker, director at Wigston, said: “We were delighted to work with the Paper Artist Collective on this project, which really highlights the quality and stunning colours available in the Senses range of 35 contemporary and complementary colours.

“It was exciting to see what the artists came up with and the different ways they worked with the colours and weights of paper in their paper art creations. We believe Senses offers unrivalled smoothness for excellent results across the full range, from 90gsm paper to 3mm board – and the standard of the entries reflects that perfectly.”

The Alphabet challenge has now been opened out to the fans and followers of the Paper Artists Collective as an Instagram paper art competition. Three lucky winners will win features in both their Instagram stories and feed, and prizes from Wigston Paper.

To check out the full project, details of each work and reviews of the paper go to https://www.paperartistcollective.com/pacalphabet. For more information on Senses paper, go to https://www.sensespaper.com/

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