The Creation of the Senses® Colour Swatch book – a Very British Invention for a Global Creative Market

September 17 2018


It’s been many years since the design world has seen a new range of creative coloured papers for print and packaging and so when Wigston Papers launched the Senses® range couple of months ago, it caused quite a stir within the creative community. Swatch books are in high demand, with over 1000 already delivered to designers and printers around the UK, within the first few weeks of launch.

But how does a company go about designing a swatch book for such a purpose and what design concepts are employed to ensure that the end product not only reflects the beauty of the papers but is also purposeful and pleasurable to work with?

Rob Walker, Managing Director at Wigston Paper explains how they came up with the original concept, “Initially we started out with a basic rectangle, soon to realise that the bottom corners hindered a smooth, ‘gliding’ experience between the colours. A curved edge seemed like a logical solution, which also accentuated the smooth curvature of the Senses® logo.

Designed to fit neatly in the palm of the hand, the Senses® colour swatch book is in the style of a finger swatch because colours are often selected together, offering the best way of looking at colours side-by-side.

Rob continues, “Our own experiments informed us that most people push the paper samples in a swatch to the left, with their thumb, so we aligned the text on each colour swatch to the right – making sure that the permutations are easily visible.”

The swatch contains at least one sample of every substance in the range as well as every shade; 67 different sheets comprising 35 colours and up to 12 different grammages from 90gsm up to 3mm thick board.

The main design concept conceived for the brand is that there was no need for colour in the logo; the very essence of the range is colour, so the selection of Senses® Lace White for the cover represented the Senses® brand at its best. Encapsulating the beautiful array of trend-driven colours in a clean and fresh design – which is what Senses® is all about.

The print company selected to produce the swatch books is Leeds-based Pressision Creative Print and Finishing. Kieran Dallow, Marketing Manager at Wigston explains, “We selected Pressision because of their clear attention to detail and experience in the field of paper swatches.   It’s difficult to really understand the complexities and the art of creating a paper swatch book, until you start production, and we felt Pressision clearly demonstrated their ability to fulfil this project.”

The workflow involved in producing the swatches spanned from plan and layout through to print, foil, die-cut and finish. Imposed and set out for manufacture by the production team, the swatches were printed on their HP Indigo 5900, foil blocked on a Heidelberg Cylinder SBB and Die-cut on their Heidelberg Platens. Collation, final build and quality control was done by hand in their presentation department.

Kieran Dallow, continues, “There were some creative issues that Pressision had to overcome but their team met the challenge head on and provided creative solutions in order to complete and deliver the project.”

James Taylor, Managing Director at Pressision said, “As a printer, I find the Senses® range very interesting. There is a great range of colours and the feel is great. It’s imperative that we have a range of weights. For instance, if we are producing a box, we would want 140gsm for the outer covering, a mid-weight board, like 250gsm, for some of the inner linings and then a heavy weight board, like 500 or 700gsm, for plinths etc. We also require it to be produced on all our processes; HP Indigo, Foil Blocking, Die-cutting etc., and Senses® handled each of these processes beautifully – in fact, all of these are actually shown on the swatch which should really help designers and printers alike when they are choosing the right paper for their project.”

For more information on the Senses® range of trend-driven coloured papers and board and to request a swatchbook, visit  

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