Senses Coloured Paper

Senses Coloured Paper


With 35 contemporary colours to choose from, Senses® Coloured Paper is the perfect choice for passionate creatives seeking to deliver premium results.  Unlike other coloured paper and board on the market, it offers unrivalled smoothness for elite results across the full substance range, from 90gsm paper to 3mm board.

Developed with artisan European paper makers and crafted through decades of experience, Senses® is overtly trend driven and responsive to the dynamic pulse of contemporary design.

This kaleidoscope of inspiring colours, has its own unique profile, appealing to manifold more niches other than artisan print, igniting creativity and making paper the very fulcrum of design.

Colour90gsm120gsm140gsm250gsm350gsm400gsm500gsm700gsm1.0mm (700gsm)1.5mm (1050gsm)2.0mm (1350gsm)3.0mm (2150gsm)
Marble White 546

Lace White 548

Cream Taffeta 550

Lemon Granita 558

Antique Ivory 552

Chanterelle Yellow 528

Saffron Yellow 524

Turmeric Gold 566

Sublime Sunset 526

Seville Orange 534

Capsicum Red 538

Windsor Scarlet 544

Mellow Malbec 540

Syrah Crimson 514

Hibiscus Pink 522

Rose Quartz 564

Heather Lilac 556

Lush Lavender 520

Kielder Moss 562

Shamrock Green 530

Botanical Green 536

Brooklands Green 506

Glacier Blue 554

Caribbean Shallows 560

Monaco Blue 532

Trafalgar Blue 502

Dartmouth Blue 504

Driftwood Grey 568

Dreadnought Silver 570

Tempest Grey 508

Hampton Pewter 516

Tanned Brogue 542

Havana Cinnamon 512

Islay Peat 510

Sable Black 518